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Like most everyone else here, i saw this on tv when i was a kid, was haunted by it, never knew the name, couldnt find anyone who had heard of it. Get it today with same day delivery, order pickup or drive up. It was coproduced by rankin bass and tsuburaya productions. Ive spoken to other people who have been equally touched by the film and im writing. But theres something lurking in the depths of bermuda. While he stays there he reunites with a lady, jennie haniver, who he remembers he use to play with when he was a child. The ivory ape holds the same madefortv tone as the last dinosaur and the bermuda depths. Indeed, the fact that bermuda depths was one of the first releases under the warners archive rubric suggests an audience clamouring for the thing. Watch the bermuda depths tv movie 1978 movie streaming. These did indeed feature recurring characters whose adventures appeared via. Produced by saturday morning tv veterans rankinbass, the bermuda depths 1978 was a supernatural giant turtle movie starring an incredibly beautiful connie sellecca, budding occultist leigh mccloskey, carl apollo creed weathers and burl ives, the wilford brimley of his generation.

Now i just need to accomplish getting a full original version copy of the movie the bermuda depths can any body help me out. Magnus dens returns to bermuda to find out the truth of his fathers death. Those who saw the bermuda depths on tv in 1978 may not have fully understood it on an intellectual basis because of its muddled storyline, but they understood the emotions of the piece. Why were a young boys parents murdered 20 years ago. Pages in category films set in bermuda the following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. Bermuda depths 0883316195086 with carl weathers dvd region. I didnt wont to ask some body about the movie if i didnt know the title of it, but now i know. The bermuda depths 1978 changes the movie database. The bermuda depths is an obscure 1970s horror movie that manages to combine giant monsters and supernatural romance. True it might seem a bit of a cheat to give the audience this idea of seeing a giant turtle, only for it to appear briefly at the end, but despite this i never felt cheated by instead being given a love story of sorts between jenny and magnus, with jenny being torn between her duty to serve the devil and her feelings for magnus. That film focused more on the monster elements of the script while the bermuda depths 1978 focuses far more emphasis on the doomed romance angle and subtle fantasy than relying solely on the giant creature angle.

First off, youd have walltowall cgi and the ghost story aspect would probably be played down in favor of making the film an outright monster movie. It displays a distinct split in style with all of the human scenes shot by rankinbass and all of the special visual effects by tsuburaya productions the originators of. Since this film has achieved cult popularity that may indeed be the case. The bermuda depths it came up from the depths movie. The bermuda depths dvdr 1978 warner archive collection. Special effects and creature elements were handled by tsuburaya productions, most famous for the ultraman franchise. The bermuda depths is hardly what i would consider a horror film in the horror express sense of the word, but ever since i saw this hypnotic scififantasy film at the extremely impressionable age of nine it has appeared in my dreams every seven or nine years. Cast and crew credits for bermuda depths, the, 1978, directed by tom kotani, with burl ives, leigh mccloskey, carl weathers, at turner classic movies. The warner archive collection dvd of the bermuda depths can be ordered from the warner bros online store. It was coproduced by rankin bass and tsuburaya productions of ultraman fame. These did indeed feature recurring characters whose adventures appeared. The bermuda depths is a japanese american coproduction 1978 fantasy film originally broadcast as a madefortv movie written by arthur rankin jr. Like the last dinosaur, the bermuda depths did play in theaters internationally. Magnus dens returns to bermuda to find out the truth of his fathers.

The bermuda depths 1978 changes the movie database tmdb. The bermuda depths is a movie most appreciated by those of us who saw it first as children. The bermuda depths tv movie 1978 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Review of this film, many from folks excitedly seeing it for the first time since it was broadcast, dot the interwebs. I have recently seen the 89 minute edit, and i am disappointed. The bermuda depths is a japanese american coproduction 1978 fantasy film originally broadcast as a madefortv movie. The bermuda depths tv movie 1978 the bermuda depths. Charles berlitzs the bermuda triangle 1979 youtube. Mar 17, 2011 way, way back in the late 1970s cbs aired a very strange movie of the week, indeed. It feels like a tinier and less visually ambitious film.

Click the watch on netflix button to find out if the bermuda depths is playing in your country. Nobody on the island believes that jennie really exists. There was an unnerving quality to the film and what i most strongly remember is that there was a strong sense of sad tragedy with a man in love with a mysterious, beautiful woman who lived in the sea and kept slipping through his fingers and then he died drowning as he was pulled down into the bermuda depths by a giant archelon a huge. The bermuda depths on dvd from the warner archive collection.

The bermuda depths ended up going the same distribution route, although perhaps the producers realized as they filmed it that it was destined for the small screen. If you watched the bermuda depths first in 1978, when it was a madefortv movie, you wont be disappointed with this dvd, since it is the best copy of this movie out there. Most of which all revolve around the strange relationship shared by both magnus and jennie. Overview of bermuda depths, the, 1978, directed by tom kotani, with burl ives, leigh mccloskey, carl weathers, at turner classic movies. Aug 17, 2009 the bermuda depths is a visually striking and haunting poem of a film. Aug 07, 2017 in 1978, the abc friday night movie aired the bermuda depths. Department of afroamerican research arts culture 12,073 views. It has struck a cord with more than one latch key kid and seemed to be one of the most elusive television films floating around the ether. It was billed, in the original tv guide full page ad, as a frightening mystery surrounding the bermuda trianglea hot topic back in the in search ofcryptidparanormalufoobsessed decade that was the 1970s.

A drifter named magnus leigh mccloskey returns to his home. Feb 18, 2009 how does one go about trying to describe the supernatural allure of the bermuda depths, a 1978 madefortelevision film that has cast a lingering hypnotic spell upon anyone fortuitous enough to stu. One cinephiles movie memories finally reach the surface posted on october 5, 2009 updated on october 5, 2009 randall martoccia has graciously agreed to write the first guest post ever for judgmental observer. The bermuda depths should be renamed the battle of the bulges, considering the absurd amount of male crotch shots on display here. I feel so relief and happy that i have accomplish something. Traumatized, orphaned college dropout magnus dens returns to bermuda to find the cause of his fathers mysterious death years before. The bermuda depths youtube rating is available when the video has been rented. A classic 1970s supernatural documentary based on charles berlitzs bestselling book the bermuda triangle. Review by beth i always tell men theyre the first to see my grotto, too. Leigh mccloskey, carl weathers, connie sellecca, burl ives, tom kotani. In this documentary, the legends, facts and folklore about the dreaded bermuda triangle, which lies between bermuda, miami and puerto rico, are recounted.

The bermuda depths 1978 a marine scientist burl ives and his party run into a swimming beauty connie sellecca and a giant prehistoric turtle. The bermuda depths bermuda blue angelfish wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the bermuda blue angelfish, holacanthus bermudensis, is a species of marine angelfish of the family pomacanthidae. Burl ives and leigh mccloskey in the bermuda depths 1978 carl weathers and. A marine scientist and his party run into a swimming beauty and a giant prehistoric turtle.

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