Ecoxotic panorama pro-18 iscan software

Ecoxotic panorama pro led light fixture product demo youtube. My build is based on a rimless tank with no canopy, so im striving for the cleanest, sleekest look possible. Riding off the success of their products over larger aquarium setups, ecoxotic is giving their popular panorama pro led fixture a cute little brother. Firmware updates are possible on this radio via the. The ecoxotic panorama led fixture takes a different approach to creating led. Ecoxotic panorama pro led fixture tank mount 18 inch panorama tank mount 18 is designed exclusively for the panorama pro led fixtures 17. Jan 26, 2012 these are aquariums lit with ecoxotic led cannon pendants. Ecoxotic panorama pro led fixture tank mount marine depot. Ecoxotic introduces new 18 panorama pro led fixture. Producing amazing color rendition and shimmer effects, the cannon pro 50 efficiently penetrate water up to 2. The pro18 uses a proprietary software packageiscan and a supplied usb power cable. The new cannon pro series of led pendants combine all the benefits for ledbased lighting and control in a single, compact light fixture. Ecoxotic wall mount assembly for 18 inch panorama pro fixture.

Panorama pro led modules from ecoxotic are now thinner. P25 nac functionality p25 network access code nac is used to provide selective squelch operation on conventional digital channels. First unboxing of the ecoxotic panorama pro led fixture reef. With ecoxotic releasing their new panorama pro fixture to hobbyists, it got me thinking this seems like as good of time as any to set up a frag. Panorama pro 445nmmagenta led aquarium lighting, reef aquarium, led module, aquariums. Lighting, led down lights, green led, marine fish, soft corals, downlights, life. Ecoxotic panorama pro led fixture tank mount 18 inch marine. Panorama pro features the same great modules as the 24. Feb 7, 2012 these are tanks are lit with ecoxotic panorama leds. Hanging and visible cables were not part of the plan. Soft coral bluegreen led lighting coral blue, blue green, led aquarium lighting. Featuring new highdensity multichip led emitters coupled with glass optical lenses, they produce an intense, sharp beam of light penetrating air and water more efficiently than metal halides, opening up new possibilities for commercial aquarium and zoo illumination.

Now delivering 20% more light output than its predecessor, our new multichip emitter coupled with a polished reflector and glass optical lens produces an intense, sharp beam of light. The scanner will detect the nac that is being used on a p25 conventional digital channel, and allow you to program nac codes to block lockout transmissions that do not have a matching nac, including analog traffic on the same frequency. The fixture is modular so you can easily add a second light for wide. Despite this, i would buy again, because im totally sold on ecoxotic s products.

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