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Clean channel have same eq, comp, room as a crunch. And thanks to the footswitchable 2channel design, its easy to switch between clean and overdriven tones. With this head weighing in at under 10 pounds, you can take it from silent headphone practicing in your apartment to the recording studio, or to your next club gig and plug it into a separately available cabinet. Bugera 6262 infinium ultimate rock tone 120w 2channel tube. Ultimate rock tone 120watt 2channel valve comboamplifier head with reverb and infinium valve life multiplier. Bugera owners club page 3 fender stratocaster guitar. View and download bugera 6262 212 infinium quick start manual online. Only downside is the nonspring digital reverb, but since i hardly use it anyway amp used for recording, and i add reverb on channel insert if needed. Same thing but with the infinium system that lengthen the life of the lamps. Guitar amplifier, semiacoustic guitar amplifier, amplifier type. Here you can hear sound of redesigned preamp in this amp. The timeless design and sound of the alltube amplifier has made its indelible mark on countless beloved tracks spanning the history of the electric guitar.

Level look, i agree completely, a little retro cool with cream vinyl. Bugera announce t5 infinium tube amplifier head 7232015 press release. In this video we show you the 6262 infinium, an ultimate rock tone 120watt 2 channel tube amplifier head with reverb and infinium. Unfollow bugera 1960 infinium to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

I bought this amp after hearing some samples on youtube. Then i found a youtube video of a guy who had the exact same issue 1 day after owning this amp. Loaded with el34 power tubes powering three distinct channels, the bugera 333xlinfinium churns out the power and tone you need for any genre. We made some modifications of these amp for jazz and rock. Behringer declares this amp as a design from sixties, but it not so clear. Selling mint condition bugera infinium 5 head handbuilt 5watt classa amplifier driven by ecc83 and 12bh7 tubes revolutionary infinium tube life multiplier technology. Bugera v22 infinium 22w vintage 2channel tube amplifier combo with reverb mfr. Musify free music is an amazing music player which enables you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime using the app you can easily search and enjoy your favorite music in the collection of millions of tracks available. Bugera g20 infinium 20watt tube guitar amplifier head. Bugera 6262 infinium lead test 2 pjm by andreas boewono w.

Infinium tube life multiplier and reverb guitar amplifi ers vintage v22hd infinium available exclusively from bugera, infinium tube life multiplier technology is a major breakthrough in amplifi er design and manufacture, providing incredible reliability for your stage performance and more consistent sound over the lifespan of your tubes. I really liked the amp but as my grab and go to jam at a friends it didnt cut the mustard tone wise. The sweetlooking chrome grill, the elegant script logo and the various appointments seen in the ads screamed rock n roll but once the 333xl was in the flesh, it screamed imported plastic. For greater savings check out our used bugera 6262 infinium 120w tube guitar amp head and get a great deal today. Ive heard a few demos of the t5 on youtube but there really isnt much on the internet about them. Revolutionary morph eq to seamlessly sweep between usa and british eqstyle tone amazing classic pushpull power amp design for vintage tonal character. Bugera auditioned literally hundreds of 24bit reverb patches and finally settled on a favorite that they thought would be perfect for both lead and rhythm playing.

I was doing research on amps when i saw on youtube this bugera amp. Played through a 212vbk cabinet, recorded via a shure sm57 into a sytek mic pre, straight into pro tools hd. Bugera v55hd demos by bugera published on 20100917t16. Bugera 6262 infinium 120w guitar amplifier head guitar center. Bugera v5 infinium v5 infinium user manual page 2 of 8. Like several other bugera models, 6262 212 has a modern studio digital reverb to avoid unwanted rumble from vintage springs when youre on a heavily vibrating stage. Bugera g5 infinium audio equipments guitar amplifier download pdf instruction manual and user guide. About bugera g20 infinium the timeless design and sound of the alltube amp has made its indelible mark on countless beloved tracks spanning the history of the electric guitar. A masterfully crafted alltube combo amplifi er, the v5 provides sweetlybalanced harmonics and natural tube compression, resulting in the warm distortion and breakup youve. Bugera on the hp, i have nothing to say, it suits me. Bugera v22 infinium vintage 2channel tube amplifier combo. Yong2 testing gitar marlique ala2 little wing by andreas boewono w. Its another test of an amp that surprised me not only with its abilities, but also with its very low price.

The vintage v5 infinium features true classa technology with a 12ax7 frontend and an el84 power stage. Infinium technology takes the hassle and expense out of tube tone. Like many 60s practice amps which sounded great, but suffered from excess hum and noise, bugeras v5 is about as simple as a valve amp can get, with one 12ax7 dualtriode preamp and an el84 providing the classa output stage. Bugera v55 infinium combo the bugera v55 infinium vintage 55watt combo amp is an incredible handbuilt, boutiquestyle amplifier that is loaded with three 12ax7 preamp tubes and a pair of 6l6 power tubes. Bugera 6262212 120w 2x12 tube guitar combo amp musician. Bugera v5 infinium v5 infinium user manual page 3 of 8. This is a rarity and it means that modulationdelayreverb pedals can be used in the effects loop and sound great, but only rack units that have the input pad e. The bugera v22 infinium 22watt vintage 2channel tube amplifier combo with reverb is designed for musicians who want a vintage tube sound with modern power management, clean and lead channels, vintage 3band tone controls, presence control, and builtin reverb. In this mix i used crunch channel for rhythm guitars, wich was panned to 100% on left and right. This is how it works tested with a 1vpp sinewave input and the output sent to a dummy load monitored on an oscilloscope at 5w rms output the inf circuit does nothing, if the amp is increased to full power full clip square wave output distortion it produces 9. The v5pc amplifier cover is customdesigned to protect your bugera v5 infinium electric guitar tube combo amplifier.

Available exclusively from bugera, infinium valve life multiplier technology is a major breakthrough in amplifier design and manufacture, providing incredible reliability for your stage performance and more consistent sound over the lifespan of your valves. Get some huge tube tone from the tiny bugera t5 infinium guitar amplifier head. Bugera 6262 all tube guitar amplifier head demo youtube. Bugera v22 infinium 22watt vintage 2channel tube v22. The bugera v22hd infinium sports three 12ax7 preamp tubes and two el84 power tubes for pure tubedriven tone. Its basically the cheapest nonpractice tube amp out there. Amazing tone no need for pedals and perfect for my budget. Shop for the bugera 6262 infinium 120w guitar amplifier head and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. With the ultimate pursuit of those wonderfully saturated and buttery vintage tones in mind, we proudly present the vintage v5 infinium. Designed and engineered by bugera germany the timeless design and sound of the alltube amp has made its indelible mark on countless beloved tracks spanning the history of the electric guitar. Used bugera 6262 infinium 120w tube guitar amp head.

The bugera 6262 infinium all tube amp is directed to people on a budget that want the tube amp sound with out the major price tag. Enjoy your favorite songs wherever your are, also completely for free. Bugera g5 infinium instruction manual and user guide mans. Germany and featuring our 3year limited warranty program, the bugera g5 infinium gives you all the vintage, modern, british and american tones of the most revered tube amps, pairing the vintage classa circuit design with our infinium technology, a builtin power attenuator, an fx loop and. You can use this amp as a rock machine after 4rockers modification. Bugera infinium series discussion in amps and cabs started by olli576, apr 9, 2012. The bugera arrived at my studio, and my tech and i had the chance to open the boxes together. Delivering 55 watts of phenomenal alltube tone, the v55 gives you the flexibility of two independent channels and selectable reverb, both switchable via the included heavyduty footswitch.

I wouldnt use bugera as a main gig amp, but for trying some new sounds and amp styles, it is really cheap and you can really get the feel of the amp they copied. There are probably a lot better, but it is a must buy, or you must enter into an amp more upscale, so prices should level up a good notch. Bugeras goal with the 6262 infinium amp head was to create a highpowered, super lead amp with all the virile crunch required to detonate the center stage. Bugera, real estate, miami, sunny isles, beach, aventura, commercial, residential, preconstruction, new construction, florida, bugera. Bugera 6262212 infinium quick start manual pdf download. Bugera 333xlinfinium guitar amplifier head, 120 watts. All i ever wanted was an amp that had that plexi sound. The bugera v22 is a decent amp considering the price but it was a bit thin sounding to me and the gain channel was poor. Its durable black nylon material will withstand years of use, while it. I had to wait a few month for bugera to ship it, but for the price i could wait.

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